What is android operating system ?

What is android operating system ?

   A 15 year old operating system for mobile, television and gadgets primarily used for touchscreen gadgets, it manipulates mobile actions with finger moments, software and application developers use android system to create apps and you can even skin the operating system to make your software look different than other devices, when google releases new update it goes through your phone/ gadget ,manufacturers they tray and run it on the phone’s software and then send it to your phone if it works perfectly, due to it being open source it gives access to  anyone to  try, experiment, create things for  the world which no one has ever seen.


With 22 million active users every month Android is the most loved platform in the industry because of its versatility, adaptability and with its constant innovations, updates it always tries its best to provide a great user experience and interface. With this huge diameter in the industry the development course of android is very popular these days and have a great scope in future due to its fast expansion




Learning an android development course is easy, implementing is simple but standing out from the crowd of all developers takes lots of effort and dedication. Either you are new in being a developer or already have been one since a while now here are some tips which can help you out.


  1. Be familiar with android framework

Understand the minor details of the android framework, don’t hide away from it after discovering you might find many interesting things which can help you develop much better applications than existing ones


  1. Get over your fear.

Android is not limited to making applications and learning a few codes. It is huge, it is an endless loop the more you’ll learn and understand the more you’ll find, initially it is normal to feel you don’t know many things but you’ll eventually.


  1. Start  learning more code

Writing and exploring codes you have written won’t help you out much, try reading codes of others as much as you can which will help you understand the coding more, reading and understanding codes of experienced and expert coders can give you insight of many things you never knew about.


  1. Consider learning more languages

Learning new programming languages can help you immensely,  staying updated with every change in the industry will help you increase your efficiency. Try learning one new language every time you think you can learn something.  To learn more about android development you can visit Android Course Institute in Vadodara and increase your coding language skills in better ways, while learning your PHP language.


  1. Java designs patterns

One can’t explain how important it is to learn java design patterns, whenever you find yourself stuck somewhere java design patterns can help you, you should always understand when developers talk, if they use some technical words you should be knowing exactly what they mean.


  1. Contribute to open source

If you develop or create a new code and use it already try open sourcing it, it can increase your value as a developer and contributing can help you learn many things, even a minute detail correction can help the project run smoothly.

  1. Learn clean coding guidelines

Improvising your codes and developing new ones is great but being a developer you have to maintain the basic coding guidelines, you’ll have to write clean codes for others to understand



  1. Be realistic

Thinking about the work you want to do is great but overthinking and over analyzing things might ruin your work. You can start the work with realistic things and then can change the dynamic things.


  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are important because they help you reduce your development time and help you improve your work. It might take some time to understand and learn them but it will help in the long run.



The acceptance rate of android was low when it was launched but after the acquisition by google it runs on monopoly in the industry


  1. Low investment and high return of investment (ROI)

It has a low barrier entry and its free open source software allows developers to enter and test their application and then it costs hardware costs and and deployment into android application


  1. Open source

Being an open source the developers can easily create the application, livening and royalty free services makes it a more loved source for developing and it even allows other developers to communicate faster which helps them to develop their softwares faster and easier.


  1. Easy to integrate

It is one of the best customization providing source which helps to use the built apps to be customized according to the will of the business

 Multiple sales channels

After building the app you can sell the application through any channel any third party su[porting your application you can send it through it, if you build it, you can sell it anywhere it’s your choice, you can decide all your promotional techniques it’s all upon you.

 Easy adoption

Java language is known by every developer and programmer with android OS supporting the script it makes it easier to build applications and softwares on android, it made their work much more easier as they just have to transit their code into mobile application and start implementing the development on app


 Android being an open source allows the operators to have their own control over the data, making them feel they own their own applications, Android is free to built, operate. Other owned sources might shut down or not work but android being source sticks around and adapt the latest technology, android open source works as a free library of codes which help anyone and everyone, companies won’t have to create their own operating system to launch their application they can easily launch out on android which helps google as many will be using it. With a liberal license anyone can change the code of said application and not send it back to the maintainers, if the manufacturers want their gadgets to support every application available on google play store they’ll have to abide the rules set by google and partner with them and pre install few applications of google in return google allow their gadgets to support the other application.



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