Utilize These Browser Add-Ons To Protect Your Personal Data

Utilize These Browser Add-Ons To Protect Your Personal Data

You’ll need some dependable browser add-ons if you care about maintaining your privacy and safety when surfing the web. How can you know which extensions are worth your time and money when there are so many?


To help you protect your online privacy and safety, we’ve compiled a list of the top browser add-ons. According to NordVPN Extension system administrators and developers, the majority of these services are free or offer free versions.

Extension For Web Proxy

Similar to a virtual private network (VPN), a proxy extension routes your traffic via another server. To keep your location and identity hidden, you’ll get a new IP address as a result of using our service. Web proxies aren’t required to offer encryption, although many of the most popular ones do offer NordVPN Coupon.

Proxy extensions and NordVPN Extension vary in that the former just protects your browser traffic, whilst the latter protects all of your online activities. An end-to-end encryption protocol may be achieved via the use of browser extensions, which tend to be lighter and more web-compliant in terms of their encryption methods.

A Browser Plugin For NordVPN (Chrome, Firefox)

As an additional layer of security, this browser plugin works in conjunction with NordVPN to encrypt all traffic between your computer and the NordVPN Extension server. When accessing non-HTTPS websites, this extension will secure you, eliminate IP address leaks, and utilize its Threat Protection function to combat adware, dangerous websites, and other online hazards. If you purchase a NordVPN Extension subscription, you’ll get our free add-on!

There Are A Variety Of Ad And Script Blockers Out There.

Ad blockers prevent you from seeing obtrusive advertisements and prevent third-party scripts and widgets from accessing your data and sending it to unauthorized parties (even, for example, hackers).

Malicious websites may be accessed through ads as well as legitimate ones. There are a variety of assaults that may be launched after you click on the incorrect advertisement (find out about different types of attacks here).

Only JavaScript, the so-called “backbone” of almost every website and app you will ever use, is disabled by script blocks. Some hackers may take advantage of this vulnerability and target unwary victims.

Adblock Plus Is An Add-On For Adblock


All Of The Major Browsers (Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer; Maxthon, Opera; Safari; And Yandex)

On this list, AdBlock Plus is clearly the most popular. Of course, ABP’s main advantage is that it’s simple to use and rather strong. An anti-malware program prevents pop-up advertisements as well as banner advertisements and sites that are known to be malware hosts. Adblock also prevents third-party cookies and scripts from exposing your personal information and resulting in “cookie theft.”

Unfortunately, adblockers might have an impact on the functionality of some websites. Businesses that rely on internet advertising may see their traffic drop as a result of these attacks. As a result, many adblockers will ask whether you want to watch ‘Acceptable Advertisements,’ or just block all ads entirely.

Ublock Origin Is A Browser Extension That Blocks Access To Websites Based (Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, And Opera)

Open-source uBlock Origin is another popular adblocker, and it’s quickly becoming the default choice for many internet users. People use uBlock Origin because it takes up less space and so operates more quickly than other plug-ins. It also automatically blocks all advertisements.

UBlock gives you greater control over the advertising you view and allows you to customize your own list of allowed and disallowed content.

Script Safe Or No Script (Chrome)

Script Safe and No Script are two plugins that deactivate Java, JavaScript, and Flash at the same time. JavaScript is used on almost all websites, thus these additions will harm them. Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube are included.

A lot of manual setting is required to use these extensions, thus they may not be ideal for beginners. Because they restrict all scripts by default, you must first add your trusted sites to a whitelist before being allowed to access them.


You can protect yourself against malvertising (malicious advertising) as well as tracking by using anti-tracker browser plugins and NordVPN Extension. Detect trackers and their origins, disable cookies, and prevent contaminated material from loading.

Break The Link (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera)

Disconnect, a popular anti-tracking browser plugin, seeks to keep you safe from malware, tracking, and malvertising while also providing secure Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization for you.

Big firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter are also banned from tracking you off-site when they attempt to acquire your browsing data. In addition to being simple to use, the toolbar menu allows you to handle all of your site scripts.

Badger Of Privacy (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, And Firefox For Android)

There is also the Privacy Badger app. A well-known nonprofit for defending online privacy and other digital liberties, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is behind it.

There are a few things that make Privacy Badger stand out from other privacy browser plugins. A list of cookies and trackers to turn off is not included in the installation package. Instead, it uses a heuristic algorithm that learns as you use it, allowing your surfing habits to dictate what it blocks.

In addition to being an EFF application, this alone makes it a popular addon among many users. That third-party tracker-blocking feature is simply the icing on the cake!

In addition to these, there are several other useful

In addition to the five extensions listed above, several additional plug-ins may enhance your privacy and security even further.

Using HTTPS Everywhere (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, And Firefox For Android)

HTTPS Everywhere redirects you to more secure SSL versions of your favorite websites, ensuring your safety online. An easy and simple solution to keep your surfing safe and secure is to use a NordVPN Extension service. If you don’t have it, you’ll be missing out on a lot of benefits.

The Password Manager (Available On Firefox, Chrome, Opera, And Internet Explorer)

Cracking passwords is one of the simplest methods for hackers to get access to our personal information. The issue is that most individuals use the same password for all of their accounts, which is a big security risk.

This makes hacking a breeze for the criminal. If you’d rather save all of your passwords and digital information (such as insurance numbers and Wi-Fi passwords) in one secured location, WordPress is the way to go. There is an option to create very lengthy random passwords.

Browser Add-On Duckduckgo (Available On Chrome, Firefox, Opera, And Safari)

The most well-known feature of DuckDuckGo is its search engine, NordVPN Extension is a private and anonymous alternative to Google. The company does, however, provide a fantastic privacy browser extension that incorporates a slew of useful add-ons.

This toolkit comprises a tracker blocker that logs which advertising and data networks you have blocked, a tool that pushes sites to utilize HTTPS (where available), and a tool that assesses participating websites’ privacy policies. Additionally, it aids in the seamless integration of DuckDuckGo’s primary search engine into your browser.


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