The best underrated meme coins, with possible insane growth

The best underrated meme coins, with possible insane growth

There are many investors who made millions of dollars on Shiba Inu back in 2021. So it is only natural that you are looking for the next SHIB or the meme token that will grow 100x or more in just a few months.

 But why meme coins

Here are some facts:

The hype surrounding meme coins will not go away even if the crypto market sees more innovative projects.

There are many meme coins to buy, but not all have the prospect of growth that you are looking for.

Finding undervalued meme coins is not always easy. But here are three options that should be on your list:


Loser Coin (LOWB)

The challenge for most meme coins is that they can be easily dumped by founding whales when the price is right. Loser Coin (LOWB) does not have that risk.

In fact, this coin was founded by two poor guys from China and has been in circulation for a while. But more importantly, the coin has a market value of only $ 3.5 million, so there is a lot of potential in there.


Tiger King (TKING)

Tiger King (TKING) is another meme coin that is largely inspired by the TV show of the same name. There has been some controversy surrounding Tiger King himself, but it only served to create buzz around the coin. While we are not saying that TKING will be the next SHIB, it is worth keeping an eye on. The coin has a market value of $ 4 million.



ELONBALLS (ELONBALLS) has incorporated NFTs into its ecosystem to try to add some basic factors. It is also an unknown and undervalued coin with a market value of $ 5 million. There is a chance that ELONBALLS could become huge in the coming years.

Small account holders often struggle with a lot of capital constraints that prevent them from betting big and profiting from it. But the crypto market offers a number of cheap assets that you can buy for a few cents. Before we get to listing them, here are some facts:

By cheap we do not mean coins sold at the lowest price. We mean coins that are undervalued in terms of pricing.

Buying cheap coins has advantages as the actual value of a coin will eventually be manifested in the long run.

The crypto market right now is filled with cheap coins, including those that plunged massively during the January crash.

So what are some of these cheap coins and what are the benefits of investing? Here is a breakdown:

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Oasis Network (ROSE)

Oasis Network (ROSE) is a fast-paced layer-1 block chain that puts privacy at the heart of its operations. The chain also promotes what it calls open finance in the computer economy and is built on the Cosmos SDK.

Oasis is seen as one of the most notable projects in Deify and is quite underrated. At the time of the press, the coin had a market value of just over 1 billion. A single ROSE also traded at $ 0.2958.


Bit Torrent (BTTOLD)

It’s actually a platform that’s been here for a while, but its crypto currencies are pretty new. Bit Torrent is right now outside the top 200 crypto currencies by market value, but it’s very cheap.


White Coin (XWC)

With a market value of around $ 400 million and a price tag of around $ 0.5,  White Coin (XWC) is a highly undervalued token that should be ideal for small accounts. This project is designed to offer easy asset management across chains in the block chain ecosystem for years to come.


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