7 Most Common Myths about Time Tracking Software

7 Most Common Myths about Time Tracking Software

Although the world is changing and electronic solutions and new technologies are being preferred to traditional documentation, many employees and entrepreneurs still have doubts about modern solutions. These are the most common myths surrounding HR management software:

“Relationships with software vendors can be difficult”

 Entrepreneurs need to trust software vendors when they collaborate. It can sometimes be difficult to fix a tool that stops working or if there is an unexpected error. Time tracking software experts are often able to help. It is common for people to have to wait a while before they can reach a support team.

It isn’t easy to realize that you are not the only client who needs help.

Employees are often afraid of communication issues between them and their software vendors. Rude, ineffective communication workers discourage asking questions or interacting with them. This can impact the company’s smoothness.

Software vendors are a common partner for HR professionals. According to Key Interval Research, 87% of HR professionals surveyed are happy with their relationships with the people responsible for time tracking tools.

Good relationships with time tracking software vendors are worth it because they allow for better communication and faster resolution of any problems. Vendors are well aware of the importance of good communication with customers. That is why they invest heavily in tools such as interactive chats to help people.

“Only HR specialists can use HR software”

 Many HR professionals believe that only IT specialists can use HR management software. This belief stems from the fear of not having sufficient specialist informatics knowledge to use this type of tool.

The reality is that HR software was designed for people who don’t know anything about programming and IT. UI/UX experts designed time tracking tools to ensure that the software is intuitive and simple to use for anyone who doesn’t feel confident using new technologies.

Many HR software comes with tutorials that show you how to use it step-by-step. If anyone has any questions, they can contact the support team to get any answers.

The time tracking software vendors offer the possibility to assign the software during its initial preparation for use. They also offer various contact options with customer support that can be reached in the event of any issues. This allows users to get assistance from specialists quickly, even if they cannot do the task.

“Solution is costly and profitable only for large companies.”

 Although it may seem expensive, modern HR Tech solutions can be affordable. Most use the cloud, which means the data is stored online. They can also be purchased monthly as a subscription. The subscriptions offered by HR Management software developers depend on how many employees you have (as Calamari does). This makes it easy to select the right option for small and large companies.

Entrepreneurs are often afraid of the costs associated with training employees about the tool.

However, these expenses should be considered in the long-term – once they get to know it, they will be able to use it all the time. They will be able to save time and improve efficiency with HR management software. The HR software will quickly pay for itself if you look at it from a wider perspective.

“The tool only responds to some employees’ needs”

 At first glance, it may not seem so. If you look at it superficially, time tracking software doesn’t make much of a difference. However, if one looks closely, one will see the many changes it has made to the organization.

  • Improve clocking in and going process
  • All types of reports can be created quickly and easily in a matter of seconds
  • Facilitating the creation of employee productivity records
  • Additional options allow you to manage work on different projects.
  • Automation of leave request processing
  • Access to the absence calendar for a better work week planning
  • Notifications via different channels: SMS, e-mail, and Slack. These channels improve communication flow.

Time tracking software can improve many aspects of information transfer and the efficiency of an entire company.

“Data stored in the cloud is not secure”

 Personal data and information about employees are very sensitive and important. Therefore, it is essential to ensure their safety. Although it may seem less secure to store such information in the cloud, the truth is that HR software vendors prioritize their security.

There is no perfect solution. If the data is stored on an external or cloud-based memory disk, a single mistake could cause data leakage. Any hacker that wants to gain access to data, regardless of its source, will eventually be able to get it.

“People will struggle to get used time tracking software, and will approach it with reluctance”

 Although we love to hear about new technology, our natural human instincts make us skeptical of any potential changes. The human brain is opposed to changing what it already knows. It can be difficult for employees to change from their current time tracking system to one that is more efficient.

Thanks to the well-designed UI/UX programs, they are easily adaptable to everyday users. They are very intuitive, and easy-to-understand how they work. Attendance management software can be attractive to subordinates if it is shown as an alternative to the older methods. It can also improve the information flow regarding leave requests. You might even find them excited to give it a try!

“HR management software breaks the relationship between employees, the HR department and each other”

You might think that employees will be less friendly if they don’t have to visit the HR specialist’s room. It turns out that the opposite is true. Absence and attendance management tools are good for maintaining good relationships between people, as they prevent misunderstandings and errors like lost time-off requests and poorly calculated day-off limits.

The HR management tool makes it easier to get answers, and employees can check the remaining days. It is easy for people to see their results and feel more in control.

The HR specialist can also access all information to create periodic reports. In case of any misunderstandings, it is easy for them to identify the person responsibly and fix the problem. Human brains make more mistakes than software for HR management so that people can forget about the annoying ones.


Although time-off and attendance management tools can seem complicated and could cause problems, most of these fears are based on people’s unwillingness to change and lack of understanding about how they work.


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