Reasons to Start Travel Business in Dubai

Reasons to Start Travel Business in Dubai

When we discuss GDP or economic growth, we mostly think about these things. Which are industries, IT software, manufacturing companies, exporting and trading. But Tourism has the next level position in Dubai. However, it’s challenging to run a proper travel business in Dubai. But once you are successful in establishing. Your GDP goes increasing and increasing. It is making a lot of contributions. I started a tourism company in 2000 and you can say that today it is famous all over the UAE. When many celebrities visit UAE, they must experience our high-quality travel service. You may have a look




Tourism is also a planned strategy by the government of the UAE. So they could keep the flow of foreign currency in the emirates. That’s the reason Dubai is the best famous as the 1st tourist attraction. Its leisure is truly based on shopping and exploring the brand new founded attractions. Such as Museums, Arabian deserts, fancy buildings etc. However, there are some main reasons. That is why entrepreneurs first started the travel business in Dubai. Check the following.

Top 8 Reasons to Start Travel Business in Dubai

1.   Travel Industry Support 10% of UAE GDP:

If you start a travel business in UAE, you automatically grab 10% GDP. Because the government of UAE supports the tourism sector more. According to the research, the percentage of tourism growth is boosting by 3% every single year.

2.   Prominent Location:

The location of Dubai exists in the middle of Asia, Europe and Africa strategically located. This makes the golden city of the UAE standard for international business. Such as tourism, hospitality, trading, export and other business activities. Having an access to both the Arabian desert and the Arabian Gulf. It can take part in the international transportation of goods. Between the East and West. This gifted location makes Dubai easy to access the consumer markets in the following regions. Which are based in the Gulf, Africa, CIS (Common Independent State), Asia and Europe.

3.   Iconic Landmarks:

Now let’s talk about the iconic landmarks in Dubai. Such as the Arabian desert, where many travel operating companies offer desert safari Dubai. It is a 6-hours tour, where a visitor gets to enjoy all the lavish and thrilling activities. as well as Bedouin camp services in the Arabian desert.


Also, the golden city is blessed with fancy buildings and stunning man-made Islands. Such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Atlantis the Palm etc. They are famous from all over the world and only for this. Tourists from all over the globe visit and explore its marvels.

4.   Safe and Lavish Lifestyle:

Yes, you heard right, the crime rate in Dubai is 0%. Furthermore, its security and political strength are one of the main reasons. Which keeps boosting its FDI. Also, the golden city of the United Arab Emirates provides an ideal environment for all businesses. Especially the tourism sector.

5.   Tax-Free Lifestyle:

The United Arab Emirates is a tax-free region that international visitors can enjoy. They’re precious days in any city if UAE without paying a tax. On the other side, its golden city contains luxury hotels, cruises, gulf clubs and party clubs. It engages the higher net worth people. Like celebrities and VIPs.


6.   Low Oil Rates:

Since there are numerous oil and gas industries in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, you will find oil or gas cheaper than the other countries in the world. This makes the cost-effective transportation for International visitors and locals.

7.   Variety of Airlines:

You will find a variety of Airlines on the way to the United Arab Emirates. Such as FLY DUBAI, EMIRATES etc. They are connecting the globe to the United Arab Emirates and expanding their routes each day. These airlines attract people from international nations. By providing world-class service on the plane. Their economy sections are way lavish. And the business class has the next level in the name of luxuries.

8.   Multinational Companies:

Dubai city is the house of many multinational companies. Such as Microsoft, BBC World, LG, Sony, HSBC, Emirates etc. Moreover, there are international education centres that have Franchises in Dubai. Such as the London school of business, Michigan State University and the Hult International Business School etc.



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